Complimentary Boats and Water Activites

Hanson family sailing on Lake vermilion

Lake Vermilion's clear clean water and warm summer winds are perfect for some of the best sailing in Minnesota.

Learn to sail at our Minnesota family resort. Experience the thrill of speed in our 38ft A-scow sail boat or Nacra Catamaran. Or learn the fundamentals of sailing on Sunfish, Minifish or MC-scow.  We enjoy introducing new sailors to the sport.  Sign up for an ortientation or a lesson to get started.  It's free!  Let a warm summer breeze take you away as it catches the sail of a windsurfer.  Listen to the sounds of the lake as the wind pushes you across the water. 

We ask that you do not bring personal watercraft (Jet Skis) to Pehrson Lodge.

Sailing Options

sunfish sailboat

Sunfish sailboat

The Sunfish and Minifish are the ultimate sailboats for beginners.  Ideal for one or two people, sailors of all ages and abilities have a great time on the water.  Experienced sailors may check a boat out with the staff and hit the water.  Beginners are able sign up for a complimentary lesson with an experienced staff member and begin their sailing career.  Countless sailors have been introduced to sailing at Pehrson Lodge.


A-Scow Sailing

The A-scow is 38 feet long and it screams.  Pehrson Lodge is the only place we are aware of where guests can go for a thrilling ride on a legendary A-scow.  Guests join the crew with a few staff members and get an experience of a life-time.  Be prepared to hike out.  Some agility is required but no experience is necessary. 

Other Complementary Options

Paddle Boats

Complimentary and available in the harbor for all to use.  Paddle boats have seating for four.


Hydro bikes--a great way to see and enjoy Vermilion.  Hydrobikes are not simply water toys.  They are an efficient means of transportation on the water.  Guests frequently take them out for long rides around nearby islands and landmarks.  It is not uncommon for individuals to take an hour long ride to a distant point of interest and get a great work-out in the process.

sea kayaks kayaking on lake Vermilion



Sea Kayaks, Sit-on-top kayaks, play-yaks and a tandem kayak, someting for everyone.  Complimentary kayaks are available everyday with staff assistance to help you get started.



Canoeing is still one of the best ways to get out and enjoy some quiet time on the water.  Silently paddle along the shore and see what you can observe.  Sneak-up on a bass guarding its' bed, and eagle perched in a tree or a mink searching for dinner.  Canoes are complimentary unless taken off site for day trips.

ISLE SUP boards with carbon paddles Malibu SUP boards


Isle and Malibu SUP boards are loads of fun.  Touted by fitness advocates as one of the best core workouts you can find, our complimentary boards are used daily by health conscious adults.  SUP boarding is an amazing way to stay fit while enjoying the beauty of Lake Vermilion.  SUP boards give an interesting perspective as you paddle along.  Due to the upright stance of the user, paddlers are able to look deep into the water and see fish and bottom structure that kayakers and canoeists might overlook.  Children also find paddleboards to be a very exciting new challenge.

Complementary Boat

MC scow

MC Scow


The MC scow is a 16 ft. inland lake scow.  It is a fairly fast and fun boat for 1-3 people.  3 only if small people.  The MC is a great intermediate boat.  It does require some skill to sail because the skipper must be able to sail it to a dock or mooring bouy.  The smaller boats (sunfish) may be sailed to the beach, which is much easier.  The MC has bilge boards and a number of basic conrtol lines (Cunningham, out haul, traveler and vang) which require basic sailing knowledge.  If you are familiar with these terms and can confidently sail to a dockiong location, you can sail this boat.  If not, we are happy to take you out on the boat and provide instruction to help you develop your skills.

Free use of kayaks, sailboats, standup paddle boards, hydro bikes, canoes and paddleboats.

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