Reunion Activites

Are you looking for a place for your next family reunion? Northern Minnesota offers some of the best places for families to come together and enjoy time at the lake! At Pehrson Lodge, we have a long tradition of hosting family reunions, as well as corporate retreats, scrapbooking retreats, group events, wedding receptions and conferences.

It’s our pleasure to offer you our reunion facilities, as well as to help you plan the best family reunion lodging for your particular needs—we’ll make sure that each family is grouped in the specific accommodations that will make your reunion pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable for all!

Family reunions at Pehrson Lodge offer you and your extended family the opportunity to reconnect, to reminisce and create new memories sure to last a lifetime. Whether that’s spending time at the beach, heading out for boating expeditions, holding family fishing contests, playing games, holding cookouts or singing songs by the bonfire at night, your family reunion can be a time when “doing nothing together” is the most meaningful of all.

We’d like to offer some ideas for making your next family reunion at Pehrson Lodge the best that it can be:

  • Consider the routines of your youngest and oldest members. Are there babies waking at night? Grandparents who need a quiet place to retreat and nap? Teenagers who tend to party late into the night? Sometimes it is best for all if families split up into separate units according to their routines. You may also want to consider grouping various family members together who haven’t had time to connect lately—cousins can stay with their aunt/uncles, etc.
  • Make a list of the most meaningful things you want your reunion to accomplish—make sure having fun is at the top! Are there local attractions you want to visit? Special meals you want to eat together? Will anyone be celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Do you need to reserve space for a special teen night? At Pehrson Lodge, we understand how important it is to make every moment of a family reunion count.
  • Designate a budding young photo enthusiast as the family reunion photographer and don’t forget that some of the best shots can be captured by children! They’ll give you a unique perspective!
  • Does your family enjoy scrapbooking? Designate one night “scrapbooking night” and plan to share photos, memories and supplies that you’ve gathered during the last year.
  • Remember that family reunions aren’t always the “perfect” events that you may envision—allow for people to be themselves, and try to cherish the things you have in common—leave disagreements for another time and place.
  • Take some time for yourself during your reunion—it’s okay for individuals and families to head off alone for a day and enjoy doing their own thing.

At Pehrson Lodge, we hope that your next family reunion will be one that creates wonderful new memories for your family—and we are happy to help! Just ask us if there is anything we can do for you. Visit our virtual tour page to get interactive views of our cabins.