Minnesota Grouse Hunting

Minnesota Grouse Hunting

Good news for grouse hunters! MN DNR spring drumming counts brought Northeast MN grouse hunters the best news in years. The 2017 count is up 57% over 2016 and has already eclipsed the last population peak of 2009. In addition, numbers are expected to grow and remain high for the coming years!

We could be coming into a rare peak in the grouse cycle to be remembered by future generations. Scott Walker, director of conservation programs for the Ruffed Grouse Society, is optimistic bird hunters will have a good fall.  The outlook for grouse hunters is very good and with a strong indication the population is moving toward the next peak, numbers should keep building for the next 3-4 years".

Lake Vermilion is located in the heart of Minnesota grouse country.   Millions of acres of accessible land make grouse hunting in NE Minnesota a sport for everyone.  Minnesota's landscape includes about 30 million acres of forest land; even more exciting is 11 million acres of it is open to public hunting. Included in the expanse of public land are 50 ruffed grouse management areas and over 600 miles of hunter walking trails.

MN DNR and Superior National Forest links provide a great deal of information to aid hunters in land access.  Also, Pehrson Lodge has compiled a number of maps, platt books and information about area hunter walking trails and grouse management areas to further assist you.

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"Minnesota in fall is an upland hunter's paradise," said Meadow Kouffeld, Minnesota and Western Upper Peninsula regional biologist for the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society. "Northern Minnesota should be a bucket list destination for anyone looking for a great grouse and woodcock hunting experience."

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